In NYC During the Blizzard of January 2016

NYC: The Blizzard of 2016

It’s unusual for us to be in the city during a snowstorm let alone a blizzard, and this one appears destined for the record books. Here are the previous five record-breakers: February 2006 @26.9”, December 1947 @25.8”, March 1888 @21”, February 2010 @20.9”, and January 1996 @20.2”. The last time we happened to be in the city during a blizzard was the one in January ’96. The only other time was in ’47. And that’s because Michael and I grew up in the city – he in Brooklyn and I in Manhattan. Being just five years old at the time, I have only a hazy memory of tons of snow outside our building on the Lower East Side and of being bundled up in a snowsuit. Michael was a bit older. He told me that his Dad pulled him and his younger brother on a sled from their house to their aunt and uncle’s house several miles away.

NYC: The Blizzard of 2016

Our apartment looks out on Third Avenue. In the morning, there was the occasional car or taxi, and the snow plow came along every so often. Throughout the day, there were some hearty souls who ventured out, including those who had to walk their dogs. Once the ban on all non-essential vehicles went into effect in the afternoon, the road became a snow-covered playground for a bunch of teenagers. We stayed indoors nice and snug.

The snow stopped a little while ago. As I type this, the plows are now busy clearing Third Avenue. I just looked out and can see blacktop.

Addendum: Official snowfall amount for this blizzard is 26.8″ thereby missing the top spot by a tenth of an inch.



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