A “Care Package” for Me from Our EMP and NoMad Family

In this previous post, I mentioned that I’d had periodontal surgery at the end of January. It was actually the first of two procedures. The second took place (as did the first) in NYC on Monday, April 4th, at which point, I was back on the same restricted diet.

In early March, we had impromptu drinks and food in EMP’s bar area after attending the C-CAP benefit honoring Chef Daniel Humm and chaired by Will Guidara. Though I wasn’t going to say anything, Michael insisted on telling Will and G.M. Billy Peelle that we wouldn’t be back to EMP for quite some time because of my upcoming surgery and the ensuing dietary restrictions. He had also mentioned it to the NoMad’s E.C. James Kent when we saw him at the fundraiser. They all made note of the date and said that they intended to send a “care package” of soft foods to our apartment.

The surgery went very well. We had originally planned to remain in the city a day or two longer.  But since I was feeling fine, we decided to go back to NJ that evening. Another reason for that decision was that the following day there was not going to be any water in our building for several hours because the rooftop water tank was being cleaned. This would have been a huge hindrance with regard to following the necessary post-surgery instructions.

Michael didn’t check his email until Tuesday morning. He discovered that Billy had sent him an email the previous evening asking how I was doing. He also asked how long we’d in the city because they wanted to send over the care package. I immediately emailed him that I very much appreciated his concern and that we were back in NJ. On Thursday, he emailed that they’d be sending the package to NJ the next day. I was a bit stunned. Sending it to our apartment was one thing as we are conveniently located a few blocks from EMP. But sending it out to our house?! Really?!

Sure enough, at 9:45 p.m. on Friday, our doorbell rang.  The special messenger said he was so late because he had run into traffic.  So typical in NJ.  But my care package was here!

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad

There was a card…

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad

And all of these jars:

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad

And at the bottom buried in ice packs were these containers:

"Care Package for Me from EMP & NoMad

I sent Billy this email:

“WOW! You all have really gone way beyond above and beyond!

Since the surgery, we’ve been starting all our lunches and dinners with puréed soup. And, as I mentioned in a previous email, I’ve been eating quite a bit of ice cream because my periodontist encourages its consumption as it helps to curtail swelling. Thus, the contents of the package couldn’t be more perfect!

It actually came at just the right moment. Since we’d had our main meal in the afternoon, we were just about to have a light supper. So, it was great to be able to begin with the always fantastic chicken velouté and end with scoops of the luscious ice creams and sorbet.

Please extend my sincerest thanks and deep appreciation to everyone at EMP and NoMad who had a hand in putting this package together.”

They truly are THE BEST!

"Care Package" for Me from EMP & NoMad


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