A Bunny in Our Backyard

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m posting about this. Like, what’s the big deal about a bunny in the backyard?  Well, here’s the thing. When we moved into our house 47 years ago, rabbits were ubiquitous. However, over time, they mysteriously disappeared, and it’s been ages since there have been any on our property.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when Michael mentioned that he’d seen one. Then, day before yesterday, I spotted it (presuming it was the same one) scampering through the plant bed to the right of the driveway. It stopped at the far edge, so I went inside to get my camera. But by the time I came back, the rabbit was gone.

Yesterday, I saw it again. This time, it was sitting in the middle of the backyard having a grass munch. I figured I’d try again to get a photo, and this time when I came back with my camera, I got lucky. The bunny was still there. Using the telephoto lens (not the world’s best), I inched as close as I could without scaring the little fella (or gal) away and snapped two shots.*

At Home: Rabbit


At Home: Rabbit

When I dared to move a bit closer, it scampered back toward the woods stopping at the edge. As it ran, I noticed it had a white tail. You can make it out in these photos.* Googling, I learned that it’s a cottontail rabbit.  Cute!

At Home: Rabbit

At Home: Rabbit

*Note:  I was actually much further away than it would seem from these photos.  To better see the bunny, I cropped them.


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