An Ice Cream Gift from the Left Coast

Did you know that you can ship a gift of ice cream across the country? Well, I didn’t.

Our friend Andrew is, like us, a devoted fan of Eleven Madison Park. I originally “met” him on-line on Chowhound. Eventually, we met in person for the first time at – where else? – EMP. While working on his PhD in Michigan, he came to NYC a few times a year, and we’d always get together for a meal at EMP. In August of last year (2015), after being awarded his PhD, he moved back to his native California.

While he was in Michigan, I took to regularly sending him “care packages” of EMP’s granola. Ignoring my insistence that reciprocating was totally unnecessary, he surprised us with packages from Zingerman’s, a well-known Ann Arbor deli. One contained the makings for a Reuben sandwich, another rugalech and other goodies. When he went back to California, I continued sending him granola. He sent us a box of fantastic hand-made chocolates.

In an email to me in November, Andrew mentioned that he’d bought ice cream for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner from Salt & Straw, a place near his mom’s home in L.A. When it comes to ice cream, I consider Andrew something of a maven. Though he’s stopped posting on his blog Degusting Diary, when he was active, in addition to reporting on restaurants, many of his posts described his experiences and opinions regarding ice cream. I hope he’ll go back to blogging some day because he’s a superb writer.

Earlier this month, Andrew texted me to expect a package that day from Salt & Straw. As I said up top, since I didn’t think ice cream could be shipped across the country, I went to the website to see what else they sell that he might be sending. Well, there was nothing else. All they sell is ice cream.

I had barely finished looking at the website when the doorbell rang. The package had arrived.

A Gift From Andrew

Inside, we found this:

A Gift From Andrew

A Gift From Andrew

Dry ice had been used to keep the ice cream solidly frozen. Andrew told me that if we put the containers into the freezer, the ice cream would thaw enough to become scoopable.

A Gift From Andrew

Double Fold Vanilla, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, Apple Brandy & Pecan Pie, Honey Lavendar, Chocolate Gooey Brownie

This is some of the best ice cream we’ve ever had though I had to be honest with Andrew and tell him we didn’t love the Lavender Honey as much as we did the other flavors. Turns out it’s his favorite, but he admitted it’s not for everyone. I did come up with a way to fix this situation: chocolate syrup!

Thanks, Andrew, for stocking our freezer with this deliciousness!


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