At Home: A Deer with Antlers!

Seeing deer in our backyard is not unusual. I’ve done posts about it before (here and here). But what caught our attention this time was something we’d never seen before: a deer with antlers!

Yesterday afternoon, as we were on our way out to do errands, we spotted him. Not having my regular camera at hand, I pulled out my iPhone from my purse. However, getting a decent photo wasn’t easy. I knew if I got too close to the window, he would run off. As it was, he kept moving though I finally managed to get a shot. Admittedly, not a particularly good one. When he finally stopped long enough for me snap the photo, he was standing at the side of the house just barely in the window’s range which forced me to the take the photo at an angle. I cropped it and enhanced it as best I could. I think you can make out the antlers.

At Home: Deer with Antlers!

There were two other deer with him neither with antlers. One was about his size and the other a bit smaller. Maybe a family? Nosing about in the snow, they were looking for something to eat.

This was not the first deer siting of the day. When I came downstairs in the morning, two deer were standing side-by-side outside the double kitchen window peering directly into the room. Not something that had happened before so a weird surprise. What were they thinking? “We’re hungry and there’s food in there!”? Even if I had thought about taking a picture — which I didn’t though it definitely would have made an interesting photo — that would have been impossible. As soon as they saw me, they moved away into the yard and, like the three deer later in the day, eventually disappeared into the woods.


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