5-Day Birthday Dining Extravaganza (Part 5): Lunch at NoMad

NoMad Atrium

Having lunch at NoMad on the day of my birthday was a no brainer! My birthday occurs during white truffle season. I adore white truffles as does Michael. And there is no better place to have them than at NoMad. Added to that, the dessert cart was back! It had been part of lunch service during NoMad’s early days. We’d loved it, were bereft when it was no longer available, and so were thrilled when we read it was returning. White truffles and the dessert cart on my birthday! We were stoked!

We’ve had countless meals at NoMad since it opened nearly 5 years ago. As I said in my previous post about Mamma Guidara’s, we are flattered to be considered members of the NoMad Family and are always made to feel special whenever we dine at NoMad. When we come for dinner, we always sit in The Parlour because in the evenings, it is quieter than the Atrium. However, The Parlour is not open at lunch, so the Atrium it must be. Fortunately, it isn’t noisy in the afternoon. And, frankly, the brightness that comes from the enormous skylight makes for excellent photos (so much better than the dim lighting and red décor of The Parlour).


House Made Flatbread with Sweet Potato and Apple

The filling changes with the season. Hot and crusty. Yum!

Bay Scallops

Bay Scallops Marinated with Yuzu and Pistachios

We each started with the scallops. Light, flavorful, delicious.


Though Michael had not ordered wine to go with the scallops, the sommelier arrived with this surprise gift for him — the perfect accompaniment.

Alba White Truffle

White Alba Truffle

Look at the size of that beauty!

Alba White Truffle

Intoxicating aroma!

White Truffles


Ready to be shaved upon. The NoMad offered the truffles at cost, 4 or 8 grams, the latter dubbed “The Ridiculous.” They’ve been doing that for the past few years. Now, you couldn’t possibly be thinking we’d skimp and get a measly 4g’s? After all, it was my birthday lunch. But the fact is, even when it hasn’t been a special occasion, we’ve always opted for 8 g’s.  So, bring on The Ridiculous!

White Truffles

Sometimes, the shaving takes place in the kitchen.  We felt honored to have them shaved at the table.

White Truffles

Tagliatelle with White Truffles: 8g’s aka The Ridiculous

In a word: Orgasmic!!

Coravin: Barolo

Coravin: Barolo

Coravin: Barolo

At NoMad, Michael always requests at least one wine from the Coravin list. Barolo is a classic pairing with white truffles.

The Dessert Cart Is Back!

The Splendiferous Dessert Cart

There was no way we could possibly choose just one! Nor even two. The solution? We’ll have one of each and share! (We didn’t include the Chocolate Bar because we had one at home.)


Raspberry, Violet Macaron, and Cream

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

Blueberry Streusel Cake

Blueberry Streusel Cake

Blackout Layer Cake

Blackout Layer Cake

They added a surprise gift for me: the NoMad’s signature dessert with a birthday candle. Of course, I shared it with Michael.

Milk and Honey

All the cart desserts were wonderful. But without a doubt, my favorite was the blackout cake. Seriously chocolaty without being too sweet, it totally bowled me over! We polished off all the sweets with the exception of the blackout cake. The slice was enormous, so we finished half and asked that remainder be wrapped. But the NoMad’s generosity knows no bounds. When we got home, we discovered that they’d included another large slice!

Truly a memorable birthday lunch!

Here are the links for the previous extravaganza posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The link to Part 4 is in the 2nd paragraph of this post.


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