Purim Dinner at Jen & Louis’s Apartment

Homemade Gluten-free Hamantaschen

Today is Purim. Last night, we had our Purim dinner with Jen and Louis. Instead of having it at our apartment as we usually do, we had it at Jen and Louis’s place. And… She and I prepared it together.

Before coming into the city, I baked two kinds of gluten-free Hamantaschen: Prune and Apricot (pictured above).

Dinner started as our holiday meals always do with my famous Chopped Salad. Jen made it and did an ace job.

Chopped Salad

The main course was Bobe Bopsy’s Holiptches, my maternal grandmother’s recipe passed down to me by my Aunt Symie. One of my earliest blog posts was about them and included the recipe.* While Jen had a copy of the recipe, she’d never made it. It was great fun preparing it together.

Stuffed Cabbage

To go with the holiptches we prepared Steamed Potatoes. Jen peeled and I sliced.

Steamed Potatoes

The four of us agreed that the holiptches were seriously delicious, and the steamed potatoes were the perfect accompaniment.

Stuffed Cabbage & Steamed Potatoes

An article in the Times talked about the savory hamantaschen Breads Bakery was selling: roasted beets and potato with caramelized leeks. Jen was interested in trying them, so since our apartment is not far from Breads, she asked us to pick up some and bring them along. While she and I were cooking, the guys bundled up and took a walk to By the Way Bakery, a gluten-free bake shop, to get some of their prune and apricot hamantaschen.

We ended the meal with a hamantaschen taste testing.


Left: Mine; Top Center: By the Way; Bottom Right: Breads

Michael liked the savory ones, but Jen and I didn’t. Louis thought the ones from By the Way were good, but he liked mine better. (Smart!)

It was great spending yesterday afternoon and early evening with our favorite daughter and son-in-law. Yes, I know, we have no other….

Michael and I came back to NJ early this morning. Now, with snow in the forecast, I think I’ll cook up a pot of holitpches for the two of us.

Happy Purim!

*To read the post “Bobe Bopsy’s Holiptches,” click here.


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