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March Weather Madness Continues: Blizzard Warning!

March 13, 2017

Yesterday, we were in the Winter Storm Warning zone (Red). Today, we’re in the Blizzard zone (White)! Snowfall: 6 to 12 inches.

March Blizzard 2017

March Blizzard 2017

Whenever we’ll be in the city for several days, I don’t replenish comestibles we’ve run out of until we get back. I generally avoid going to supermarkets on Sunday since even on an ordinary Sunday, they tend to be jammed. When we come back to NJ Saturday morning, I shop that day. However, when we come back Sunday morning, I wait until Monday or Tuesday.

We left for the city this past Wednesday evening and came back yesterday morning (Sunday). Of course, before we left, we didn’t know that a blizzard was heading our way. So, yesterday, I braved the supermarkets. No surprise, they were zoo-like. Honestly, I don’t understand why people wipe the shelves clean as though they’ll be stuck in their houses for months instead of a day or two. Fortunately, the things I needed were in good supply. What? Nobody eats vegetables and fruit during a blizzard?!

During the blizzard, our electricity could go out because of the high winds. Ergo, no heat! Now that our chimney is in good shape, we feel comfortable about building a fire. So, Michael went out this morning and bought some bundles of firewood and some starter logs. If need be, then, we can huddle and cuddle near a fire in the family room. Since I will have two functioning gas burners on my cooktop (but no oven), I’ll be able to cook.

While it’s not unusual to have a major snowstorm in March, it seems odd because it’s been an unusually warm winter.

Battening down the proverbial hatches….