Farewell to Stattel’s Farm and Market

I had a feeling this was coming:

Stattel's Farm

So, what is that? Three generations? Amazing!

When we first moved into our house in 1969, there were several family farms nearby that had roadside stands. Stattel’s was one of the closest, a quick 5-minute ride down 520 to just before it intersect with 79. Slowly, over time, these farms disappeared until at this point, Stattel’s was one of just two remaining.

In the fall of 2011, I took these photos:

Stattel's Farm

Stattel's Farm

Stattel's Farm

Stattel's Farm

Too bad I never took any on-site photos of their excellent corn, tomatoes and other summer produce.

Now, here’s some very good news. The land will not be turned into a high-density housing development as we thought it might. Instead, according to this article in Marlboro Patch, earlier this year Marlboro Township purchased the farm’s 56 acres the goal being to preserve it forever as farmland and open space. Kudos to Mayor Jonathan Hornick, council members, and everyone else who made this happen.

Though I will miss going to the farm’s market, I wish the Stattel family good health and a wonderful, very well-deserved retirement.

Stattel's Farm

Stattel's Farm



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