Riding the 2nd Avenue Q

We normally don’t do anything special for Father’s Day (or for Mother’s Day). But we had Roundabout tickets for a matinee yesterday, so we arranged to have dinner with Jen and Louis afterwards. Also, since we hadn’t gotten together with my brother and sister-in-law in a very long time, when I asked them if they were up for driving in from Long Island to join us, they said yes.

We chose a Greek restaurant, Korali, a few blocks from Jen and Louis’s apartment on the UES. Their place is located near the 86th Street station on the 2nd Avenue section of the Q line, one of the three UES stations that began operating along that line on January 1st. The play we saw, Marvin’s Room, is at the American Airlines Theatre, which is down the block from the Q’s Times Square Station. For our purposes, it couldn’t have been more convenient. From Times Square, it was just a few stops to 86th St.

This was actually our second time on the 2nd Avenue Q. In January, we met Jen and Louis for dinner at Café d’Alsace, a restaurant also near their apartment. That time, we took the 6 on 23rd down one stop to 14th and got on the uptown Q from there.

The new tracks along the 2nd Avenue section provide a very smooth ride. And the 86th Street station’s modern design is amazing. I didn’t take photos the first time but did take a few moments yesterday to snap these.

NYC Subway: The 2nd Avenue Q

NYC Subway: The 2nd Avenue Q

NYC Subway: The 2nd Avenue Q


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