C & J Farms

C & J Farms

With the closure of Stattel’s Farm, there is just one farm left close to our house, C & J Farms. Their stand is located on Route 9 North, about 5 minutes away. (I regularly pass their growing fields along Tennent Road when driving to Route 9.) Though I’ve always known the stand was there, I wasn’t a regular customer. That is about to change.

C & J Farms

As you can see by the sign, they open at 9 a.m. But C & J’s hours have always puzzled me because I noticed that they always close sometime in the afternoon. So, I asked the young woman at the register if they had “regular” hours. (Stattel’s was open 9 to 6 daily except Wednesday during the summer months). She told me their afternoon hours depend on when they run out of their daily corn harvest. During the week, that’s usually between 2 and 3 p.m. But on weekends, around 1 p.m. Since they have lots of other produce, I asked why it depended on the corn supply. She replied that they have many customers who get very upset, even nasty, if there is no corn. Seems a mighty strange way to determine your business hours, don’t you think?

C & J Farms

C & J Farms

C & J Farms

C & J Farms

I was thrilled to see that they grow fairytale eggplant which I’d been getting at the Clayton Farm in Freehold. Shelves along the walls (which I didn’t photograph) hold lots of vegetables, including their own hot peppers. Michael loves them! A whole basket cost $1, way cheaper than buying then by the pound at Delicious Orchards. We had the corn at lunch yesterday. So sweet!

C & J Farms


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