When I considered what my blog would be about, focusing on just one area felt much too limiting. Thus, as my tag line indicates, I write about a range of subjects. But because my major passion is food – preparing it at home and dining out — there are likely to be more posts on that subject.

One Response to “About”

  1. Steve Says:

    RGR, I have read many of your posts/replies on CH and you were very helpful with recommendations to me when I took my family to NYC this past summer. You were especially fond of Trattoria Trecolori when I was looking for a great pre-theater meal, and it was a tremendous suggestion. My name on CH is sweisman, I once jokingly accused you of working for Trecolori because I saw you recomending it so often on different posts. Nevertheless I just saw your blog and wanted to tell you I found it very interesting. You always offer great advice on the NY eating scene, and I hope to get a chance to try as many great places in the future as you have been to. This December I am coming up for a few days and am planning to hit JoJo for an anniversary dinner, EMP for lunch (I imagine the $28 deal is a tremendous way to get a taste of EMP while not breaking the bank). I also plan to try Aqua Grill in Soho for dinner (my wife is a huge fish fan). Hopefully they will all be good meals. Nevertheless good luck with the blog and keep on writing. I know a lot of us appreciate your NY foodie wisdom….Take care…….Steve

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