At Home in NYC 2021: Rosh Hashanah Dinner

October 12, 2021

In the Before Time, we had our Rosh Hashanah dinners in restaurants. On one of the two nights, we went to Tocqueville for their special Rosh Hashanah menu with Jen and Louis. The other night, Michael and I would go by ourselves to an upscale restaurant that didn’t feature a special holiday menu. (For example, one year, it was Gramercy Tavern.) Last year, because we were still quarantining, we were at home in NJ, and I cooked dinner both nights for just the two of us.

This year we celebrated the first night of Rosh Hashanah in our apartment with Jen and Louis. I kept it simple and easy.

I brought the traditional round challah which I got from Salomon’s Kosher Bakery near our house.

There were the traditional apples and honey.

For the first course, I took the easiest route. In the morning, Michael and I went to Sarge’s Deli and picked up chicken soup with matzoh balls and noodles, the broth and additions packed separately so Louis was able to have the soup without the accompaniments.

Before coming to the city, I bought a whole (uncooked) Kosher chicken from ShopRite and roasted it in the apartment’s oven. It was perfect!

Sides were mashed potatoes and carrots. (No photos)

A few things for dessert. Jen and Louis brought a boatload of fresh figs (which he bought at the Whole Foods near their apartment) along with cashews.

I brought along a small apple pie from the folks at Baker’s Bounty. They have a stand at the Marlboro Farmers Market.

The perfect accompaniment for the apple pie? Van Leeuwen Vanilla Ice Cream, of course! Luckily, there’s a shop a few blocks from the apartment.

We all agreed the meal was delicious.  But the best thing about it was being able to celebrate the holiday together!

Rosh Hashanah 2021/5782

September 6, 2021

Shanah Tova!

Celebrating Our 53rd Anniversary at Chez Catherine

August 30, 2021

Chez Catherine//

The original plan was to go into the city and have dinner al fresco at Gabriel Kreuther. However, on June 8th, the weather was way too hot and muggy for us to dine outdoors, and we had decided not to do any indoor restaurant dining. Nevertheless, Michael suggested we consider having lunch indoors at Chez Catherine, in Westfield, our favorite French restaurant in New Jersey

when Chef Catherine Alexandrou opened her eponymous restaurant in 1979, it was uncommon in Central New Jersey: haute classic French, 3-courses prix-fixe, and at a cost which for us back then was a splurge. Our first visit (I think it was in 1981) to celebrate an anniversary was so outstanding that I still remember most of what I had: sautéed calves liver in vinegar sauce for the main, and poached pear in crème anglaise for dessert. Through the years, we went back a number of times, at first only for special occasions and then, as our finances improved, whenever we had a yen for Chef Catherine’s exquisite cuisine. After about 20 years, she decided to give it up and sold the restaurant to a lovely French couple who re-christened it Chez Mamere. He was in the kitchen; she tended the dining room. The cuisine was extraordinary, and we became regulars. Unfortunately, they were poorly financed and had to close. Not long after, the space re-opened with another name (I think it was Rose something) with a chef/owner who had previously worked at with Chef Andre Soltner at Lutece. Considering the pedigree, it was shocking that the food did not measure up, and the restaurant didn’t last long. We presumed the space remained empty until, in 2001, we learned that Catherine was re-opening Chez Catherine. She had married a chef, was now Catherine Bourdeaux, and they were running the restaurant together. Needless to say, the cuisine sparkled. There was, however, one major difference: she had lost her liquor license, so the restaurant was now a BYO. They did regain the license and, eventually, sold Chez Catherine again, this time to restaurateurs Didier and Edith Jouvenet. They employed different chefs who maintained the stellar quality of the cuisine. When they were ready to retire, they sold to their maître d’ Stephane Bocket, the current owner. In 2019, he renovated the dining room (still beautiful!) and hired the very talented Christine Migton as executive chef.

Chez Catherine//

Original Dining Room Decor

Chez Catherine//

Current Dining Room

For the past few years, we’ve been going there mostly for lunch. While I was hesitant about celebrating our anniversary at a restaurant indoors, Michael convinced me by pointing out that Chez Catherine is never busy during lunch (we’ve occasionally been the only diners there!), and should there be other diners, tables are well-spaced. So, I agreed. When we got there, we were greeted warmly by Stephane who takes care of the dining by himself during lunch. Once seated at our favorite table, I noticed a card in a plastic stand advising that the air circulation system had been upgraded substantially.

Chez Catherine: 53rd Anniversary Lunch//

Turns out, this information was on the website which I had somehow missed. It certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable.

There are always fresh flowers on the tables. The roses on ours that day felt appropriately celebratory.


Excellent crusty French bread always arrives warm, accompanied by butter in a French bell server. (When we were in France in the mid-80’s, we bought a couple of them.)

Bread Basket & Butter//

Michael started with a Cocktail. (I didn’t note what it was.)


Although the menu at lunch is a la carte, we opted for three courses, and both of us chose the same thing for each course.

We started with the Potage du Jour, Chilled Corn Soup. Perfect for a hot June day, it had the deepest corn flavor imaginable. Sensational!

Potage du Jour//

For the main course, Sole du Douvres Meunière. Finished tableside with Stephane doing an expert job, the perfectly prepared Dover Sole with its delectable lemon and brown butter sauce was accompanied by haricots verts and fingerling potatoes.

Sole du Douvres Meunière//

Sole du Douvres Meunière//

The wine pairing chosen for Michael by Stephane was this Chablis.


Soufflés are a staple on the dessert menu. They change daily and are always sublime. On June 8th, the Soufflé du Jour was Raspberry with Raspberry Crème Anglaise.

Soufflé du Jour//

Soufflé du Jour//

Michael ended the meal with Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee//

And so, he was right! Chez Catherine was the perfect place to celebrate our 53rd!

The album for this dinner is on my Flickr here.

Happy 50th Birthday, Jen!

June 22, 2021

Jen's 50th Birthday

Number 53!

June 8, 2021

Anniversary Card Photo 2021

June 8, 1968

At Home 2021: Memorial Day

June 3, 2021

Traditionally, Memorial Day Weekend is when we raise our patio umbrella. However, the umbrella has actually been up since mid-April when an unusually warm day enticed us to have lunch al fresco. As it turned out, Memorial Day Weekend was almost a complete washout with continuous rain, along with cool temps, on Saturday and Sunday. Although Monday was dry, cloudy skies all day and still cool temperatures prevented us from eating outside.

At Home: Memorial Day 2021

We did continue our tradition of having our first franks of the summer season. We had them for lunch on Monday. I did cook them on the grill, but…

At Home: Memorial Day 2021

…we ate indoors. There were the usual accompaniments: deli mustard, sour kraut, pickles, Busch’s vegetarian baked beans, and homemade cole slaw.

At Home: Memorial Day 2021

Alberiño: Our First Meals at a Restaurant Since March 2020

May 14, 2021


I ended my “Fully Vaccinated!” post with this: The last time we ate in a restaurant was March 10, 2020. So, to celebrate being fully vaccinated, we went out for dinner!

The restaurant we chose was Alberiño, in Shrewsbury, about half an hour from our house. We are not doing indoor restaurant dining, and since the weather was fairly warm, Alberiño’s outdoor terrace was perfect for an al fresco dinner.


We masked up to go inside very briefly to the reception desk, and a hostess led us to a table outside. All staff were masked, and tables were spaced for social distancing. Since the restaurant did not require masks when dining outside, we removed ours and didn’t wear them from that point on.

There were no printed menus. Instead, we scanned the code…


…to access the menu on our iPhones.

First up, a drink for Michael.

Rosé Sangria

Rosé Sangria

We assembled our meal from the tapas menu.

Chicken Charcuteria Empanadas

Chicken Charcuteria Empanadas

organic chicken, ground chorizo & jamon, piquillo membrillo purée

Crispy Eggplant

Crispy Eggplant

rosemary, acacia honey

Garbanzo Hummus

Garbanzo Hummus

roasted garlic, tahini, smoked paprika, house-made pita

Gambas al Ajillo

Gambas al Ajillo

roasted wild shrimp, garlic, sherry, pimentón

American Lamb Chop

American Lamb Chop

almond romesco, chimichurri

Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas

crispy potatoes, bravas sauce, garlic aioli

Everything was perfectly prepared and, as I said above, delicious! After 14 months of not going out to eat — something we did a lot in the before time — it was wonderful to once again enjoy a meal at a restaurant. And monumentally relaxing for me because I was not doing the cooking, serving, and clean-up!

You might have noticed that in this post’s title, there is the plural word “meals.” That’s because yesterday, the weather once again being warm enough to dine outdoors, we returned to Alberiño for lunch.

This time, we were given a paper menu.


Michael again ordered the Rosé Sangria, and I got Lemonade.


We started with the one dish on the tapas menu that is always a must: the sensational Crispy Eggplant. It was the only tapa we ordered because for the main course, we went big and shared a Paella.

Valencia Paella


organic chicken, chorizo, gulf shrimp, calamari, mussels, asparagus, zucchini, peas, saffron, piquillo pepper

Interesting to note that when we had the Valencia previously, it was different in some respects.

Last week, we didn’t have dessert, but this time we did.



fried dough, cinnamon, spiced chocolate sauce

Another splendid meal on the sunny terrace at Alberiño. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that we’ll be back — and often!

Happy Anniversary, Jen & Louis!

May 10, 2021

Happy Anniversary, Jen & Louis (2021)

Mother’s Day 2021

May 9, 2021

Card from Jen and Louis: Hand Painted Watercolor by Jen

Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day 2021

We came into the city today for the first time since March 2020. In the afternoon, we went to Jen and Louis’s apartment for a couple of hours. We hadn’t seen them since December 28, 2019 (!)* when the four of us had a Chanukah dinner there.

Pretty tulips for me and delicious cheese, grapes, and gluten-free crackers to nosh on.

Mother's Day 2021

*Correction: I was wrong about the last time we saw them. Jen reminded me that we had dinner with them and Louis’s sister and her husband at Oceans, a restaurant in NYC, on February 22, 2020.

Fully Vaccinated!

May 4, 2021

Fully Vaccinated!

Today, we are fully vaccinated! Achieving it wasn’t easy because the vaccination roll-out in New Jersey was horrible. Eligible in early January (Group 1B), we signed up on the NJ State site as well as on other vaccination sites. But week after week, no luck! Finding an appointment was worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. Ultimately, we have our mayor, Jonathan Hornik, to thank for coming to our rescue. On Friday, March 19th, we received an email advising that he was about to make a concerted effort to get all Marlboro seniors vaccinated. Apparently, his office had been receiving complaints about the same difficulty we were experiencing. We immediately signed the necessary on-line forms and figured it would be a while. However, on Monday morning, March 22nd, the phone rang at 8:30 a.m. Shock of shocks, it was a Seniors Dept. staff member calling to tell us that appointments were available the next day! Elation!

On Tuesday, March 23rd, we drove to the County Agricultural Building 10 minutes from our house for our 2:30 p.m. appointment. Checking in at a table in front of the entrance, we noticed two huge white tents alongside the building each holding two lines of people. We were told to go to the further of the two lines in the second tent. There were markers on the floor six feet apart and, of course, everyone was wearing masks. We made our way very slowly along both lines in the first tent and then along both lines in the second tent before arriving at the front and being ushered into the building. It took more than an hour.

Inside, we went to a table where we were officially registered (we had downloaded the necessary paperwork and filled them out at home). We were given our vaccination cards and, since we were getting the Moderna, an appointment for the second shot exactly four weeks away, on April 20th. We then had to contend with another line in a corridor leading to the vaccination room. Once we made it into the room, each of us was sent to a different table (I think there were 7) to get the first shot, after which we waited the required 15 minutes. Total time from arrival to exiting the building: one hour and 45 minutes! We certainly hadn’t expected it to take anywhere near as long especially after hearing from my brother and others who were in and out of their vaccination sites in NY in less than half an hour. We were told that there had been some kind of problem earlier in the day that caused the back-up. In any case, whatever annoyance we felt was tempered by the fact that we had actually gotten the first shot.

The next day, in anticipation of when we’d be fully vaccinated, we made a number of medical appointments in May and, for me, an appointment for a haircut! I’ve been cutting Michael’s hair (we bought the appropriate scissors on Amazon). Since he’s happy with the job I’ve been doing, he wants me to continue doing it.

Fast forward to April 20th. Our appointment was in the morning, at 11:30. As we drove into the Ag Building’s complex, we looked over to the parking lot. Unlike the first time when it was full, this time there were only a few cars. Michael blurted out, “The building must be closed,” while I was thinking: Great! No line! A bit further along there was the sign indicating that the vaccination center was open. And I was right. This time, the entire process, including the required 15-minute after the second shot, took 25 minutes! In two more weeks, on May4th, we’d be fully vaccinated.

Which brings us to today. We did some errands where we went inside buildings which we hadn’t been doing during the past 14 months. The last time we ate in a restaurant was March 10, 2020. So, to celebrate being fully vaccinated, we went out for dinner! Stay tuned for the details.