Bien Cuit Grand Central

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted about Bien Cuit. For those of you who don’t come by here regularly (or those who do but may have forgotten), the Brooklyn bakery is co-owned by my cousin Kate Wheatcroft and her husband (ergo, my cousin by marriage), the baker, Zach Golper.

In April, they opened a Manhattan branch in the Grand Central Market located in Grand Central Terminal.

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Here’s what we took home:

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)


Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Almond Croissant

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Sour Cherry & Praline Entremet

Bien Cuit (Grand Central)

Caramel Pecan Tart

You may have noticed in one of the photos above that Zach has written a book. Bien Cuit: The Art of Bread was published in 2015. Of course, we have a copy…

Bien Cuit

…which Zach personally inscribed to Michael and me with a sweet note.

I should also mention that this year, Zach was a finalist for a James Beard Aware in the category of Outstanding Baker. Though he didn’t win this time, it is national recognition of the hard work he and Kate have put into making Bien Cuit a huge success.

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